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Why the world needs Wasm

Wasm is a web assembly that is portable, size- and load-time efficient. It offers a compilation target for high-level languages like C, C++ and Rust. In December 2018, Wasm reached a milestone with the release of the WebAssembly specification 1.0.

Wasm is designed to be a safe, portable and efficient way to run code on the web. Wasm is portable, meaning that a Wasm program can be run on any platform that supports Wasm. Wasm is also size-efficient, meaning that Wasm programs are typically much smaller than programs written in other languages. Finally, Wasm is efficient, meaning that Wasm programs can run at near-native speeds.

Wasm is still a young technology, and there are a few blockers to its adoption. First, browser support for Wasm is still limited. Second, the tooling around Wasm is still immature. And third, there is a lack of understanding of Wasm among developers.

Despite these blockers, Wasm is already being used in production by companies like Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla. And the future looks bright for Wasm. In the future, Wasm will become more widely adopted, and the tooling around Wasm will continue to improve.